Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Film Analysis

The 2013 and 1968 film versions of Romeo and Juliet are very different and similar in many ways. I’m just going to talk about three differences between the two movies.

First off, the costumes in both movies are very different. The costumes in the 1968 movie really stand out. They are weird and uncanny. They did not fit my portrayal of Shakespearian times because they were generally flashy, colorful, and standout. On the other hand, the costumes in the 2013 movie were very subtle and didn’t stand out as much. They weren’t as colorful as the 1968 movie costumes. They also fit my portrayal of Shakespearian times because they were just solid dark colors.

While Juliet didn’t wear any kind of mask in the 1968 movie, Juliet in the 2013 movie wore a mask and Romeo had to take it off before he kissed her. I don’t think it had any significance, but it might be to make the scene more romantic in the 2013 movie. It totally depended on how the director saw it.

Finally, unlike both the 1968 movie and the original text, Rosaline was seen at the party and both Romeo and Benvolio talked to her. It was surprising and I thought it was a good addition since I wondered who Rosaline was.

Overall, I though the 2013 movie was better and did a really good job showing us the play in a kind of fun and playful way.

Rough Notes:


  • old school market
  • weird and colorful costumes
  • swords
  • almost exact lines from the original text
  • weird dancing
  • singing after dancing
  • Paris sings
  • Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio go to the party with other people
  • Juliet is not wearing mask


  • Knights on horses in opening
  • old school market
  • Romeo sculpting
  • Capulet has an office and desk
  • costumes are subtle, old, and realistic
  • almost same lines from play
  • Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the party alone
  • The hall where the party is held is better looking
  • Juliet wearing a mask
  • better music and more modern dancing
  • No thumb biting
  • the prince calls the games for Capulets and Montagues to fight
  • Rosaline is seen at party

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