Blogger of the Week Reflection

For my blogger of the week post, I participated every time anyone commented to my post. Exactly, I replied to people’s blogs and back to people 28 times as of right now. My overall contribution to the discussion is 3 because I replied to every comment and answered every question directed towards me but I couldn’t get to reading everybody’s blogger of the week. I gained deeper understanding of search engines and how they work through researching this topic. I commented to all the people the following post:

All blogger of the week posts that I read were really clear, simple to understand, and never caused me any confusion. I answered the questions asked and, sometimes, I gave suggestions when needed. I don’t ask questions which is bad because it doesn’t start discussions. I don’t ask questions because I don’t know what to ask and I usually never have any questions. Without reading her post, I got really interested from only listening to her presentation. It was about celebrities getting treated different than regular people. The topic is sad but true and it started a conversation really quickly. Having a discussion online is very difficult because you have to wait for the other person to reply. It is usually very slow and boring. Having a discussion face-to-face is better. You can quickly reply to the other person and voice tone and facial expressions are easily sensed by the other person. I think that the blogger of the week assignment is very stressful and hard. Finding the topic itself is a problem. I personally don’t like it and I would much rather read published articles written by news stations or really good writers.

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