Overall Learning Reflection

My strength as a writer is that I can imagine what I want to write and in mind it is really strong but my greatest weakness is that I can’t find the words to express my thoughts. What I found most helpful while writing in general is to focus on the writing, avoid distractions, and reread it after you’re done. I honestly know that I can’t write nearly as good as other people can, but I try my best to improve. One of the ways that I think helps me improve a lot is reading books and articles.

When reading, I really never have trouble with anything. The only problem with reading for me is that sometimes I don’t understand words and I have to search them up. One strategy that really helps me while reading is rereading. Sometimes I get lost while reading a paragraph. Instead of moving on, I go back and read it once more and if need be, I read it again. Before starting a book, it is always helpful for me to read the back of it.

My strength when interpreting media is that I have a lot of experience with many types of media and if given enough time, I can give a good interpretation of the media I’m given. I weakness is that I can’t work very well with a small time frame which I will need to improve because that is just how the world works right now. Doing a bit of research on the media type and on the text itself helps a lot while interpreting media and revisiting the text while interpreting it also helps make your facts and points more accurate.

My strengths when speaking or listening is that I’m usually fully focused when doing so. I make sure that I understand what I’m listening to or talking about. If I don’t I will ask for clarification and/or Google it. My weakness while listening is that sometimes I don’t hear or understand what a person is saying so I ask them to repeat their statement. My weakness while speaking is that I often (once or twice a day) stutter while talking which forces me to repeat myself to the listener. I help myself improve by speaking and listening more which strengthens my skills.

I really appreciate what you are trying to do Mr. Puley. I know that you are trying to prepare us for university and you really succeeded in doing so. I found this class really different from others. It is much harder with more work and that is why I struggled in it. I really believe that I learned a lot and became a better writer than I was at the beginning of the semester. Overall I enjoyed this class because it was really interactive and I tried a lot of new things. Although learned a lot, I still need to improve my writing going into grade 11.

Thanks for teaching me this semester and helping me improve Mr. Puley 🙂

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