By mmaklad9954

Overall Learning Reflection

My strength as a writer is that I can imagine what I want to write and in mind it is really strong but my greatest weakness is that I can’t find the words to express my thoughts. What I found most helpful while writing in general is to focus on the writing, avoid distractions, and reread it after you’re done. I honestly know that I can’t write nearly as good as other people can, but I try my best to improve. One of the ways that I think helps me improve a lot is reading books and articles.

When reading, I really never have trouble with anything. The only problem with reading for me is that sometimes I don’t understand words and I have to search them up. One strategy that really helps me while reading is rereading. Sometimes I get lost while reading a paragraph. Instead of moving on, I go back and read it once more and if need be, I read it again. Before starting a book, it is always helpful for me to read the back of it.

My strength when interpreting media is that I have a lot of experience with many types of media and if given enough time, I can give a good interpretation of the media I’m given. I weakness is that I can’t work very well with a small time frame which I will need to improve because that is just how the world works right now. Doing a bit of research on the media type and on the text itself helps a lot while interpreting media and revisiting the text while interpreting it also helps make your facts and points more accurate.

My strengths when speaking or listening is that I’m usually fully focused when doing so. I make sure that I understand what I’m listening to or talking about. If I don’t I will ask for clarification and/or Google it. My weakness while listening is that sometimes I don’t hear or understand what a person is saying so I ask them to repeat their statement. My weakness while speaking is that I often (once or twice a day) stutter while talking which forces me to repeat myself to the listener. I help myself improve by speaking and listening more which strengthens my skills.

I really appreciate what you are trying to do Mr. Puley. I know that you are trying to prepare us for university and you really succeeded in doing so. I found this class really different from others. It is much harder with more work and that is why I struggled in it. I really believe that I learned a lot and became a better writer than I was at the beginning of the semester. Overall I enjoyed this class because it was really interactive and I tried a lot of new things. Although learned a lot, I still need to improve my writing going into grade 11.

Thanks for teaching me this semester and helping me improve Mr. Puley 🙂

Blogger of the Week Reflection

For my blogger of the week post, I participated every time anyone commented to my post. Exactly, I replied to people’s blogs and back to people 28 times as of right now. My overall contribution to the discussion is 3 because I replied to every comment and answered every question directed towards me but I couldn’t get to reading everybody’s blogger of the week. I gained deeper understanding of search engines and how they work through researching this topic. I commented to all the people the following post:

All blogger of the week posts that I read were really clear, simple to understand, and never caused me any confusion. I answered the questions asked and, sometimes, I gave suggestions when needed. I don’t ask questions which is bad because it doesn’t start discussions. I don’t ask questions because I don’t know what to ask and I usually never have any questions. Without reading her post, I got really interested from only listening to her presentation. It was about celebrities getting treated different than regular people. The topic is sad but true and it started a conversation really quickly. Having a discussion online is very difficult because you have to wait for the other person to reply. It is usually very slow and boring. Having a discussion face-to-face is better. You can quickly reply to the other person and voice tone and facial expressions are easily sensed by the other person. I think that the blogger of the week assignment is very stressful and hard. Finding the topic itself is a problem. I personally don’t like it and I would much rather read published articles written by news stations or really good writers.

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene Comparison (revised)

There has been more than 30 film versions of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet made, but for this post I will only be comparing two of themthe 1968 and the 1996 movies. The 1968 and the 1996 film versions of Romeo and Juliet are very different. I will be focusing on specifically the balcony scene in both movies. The setting, atmosphere, and the place Romeo was hiding are different in both movies.

First of all, the setting is different in both movies. While the 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy, the 1996 version takes place in Los Angeles, California, USA. In the 1968 version, the events were supposed to be taking place in accent times, when people used to fight with swords, but in the 1996 version the events are supposed to be taking place in the current time (1996) because there are gangs, guns, elevators, and security cameras.

Secondly, the atmosphere in both movies is different. In the 1968 version, its dark night and the atmosphere romantic. No security guard shows up and the scene was better acted in the 1968 version. In contrast, in the 1996 version, the atmosphere is tense. Romeo is trying really hard to stay undetected because the Capulet mansion had lights, security cameras, and a security guard. Consequently, the scene isn’t as romantic.

Finally, the place in which Romeo hid in both the 1968 and the 1996 film is different. In the 1968 version, Romeo hides in the bushes and trees. However, in the 1996 version, Romeo hides by standing still in front of the wall adjacent to the elevator.

Romeo hiding behind the bushes in the 1968 movie.

Romeo hiding behind the bushes in the 1968 movie

Romeo hiding in the 1996 movie

Romeo hiding in the 1996 movie

Overall, I think that the 1968 film version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is better than the 1996 version especially the balcony scene. The following video is the balcony scene of the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie.

My Learning Motto

Inspirational learning quote from:

A motto is a short sentence that presents the ideals and/or the beliefs of a person, family, or organization. I have a couple of famous quotes that I always go by. Although it might not seem true all the time, I am very interested and passionate about learning and I snatch every learning opportunity I can. I like to try my best at everything so that even when I fail, I know that at least I tried. Also, Trying my best at something makes me feel less guilty if I fail.

Here are some of my favorite learning quotes that I go by:

  • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin
  • “We learn from failure, not from success!”
    ― Bram Stoker, Dracula
  • “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
    ― Isaac Asimov
  • “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
    ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Those were my top 5 favorite learning quotes. They are the quotes that truly motivate me to learn. You should always want to learn more because as Kofi Annan says, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”


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The Beautiful Eiffel Tower

Image from: Taken on: May 28th, 2015

The image above is a picture of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower, made to last only 20 years, is a huge tourist attraction in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower was named after Alexander Gustave Eiffel, an engineer whose company designed and built the tower. According to its official tour website, the tower was built to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the French Revolution. As mentioned before, it was built to last 20 years but it attracted scientific experiments that saved it. The most notable of experiments are the ones relating to radio transmissions. Finishing off, Paris is a very beautiful city with a lot of tourist attractions other than the Eiffel Tower. I long for the day that I can visit Paris and spend some time enjoying the beauty of the French city.


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Athletes as Role Models (Re-crafted)

Although many athletes are educated, most soccer, football, and basketball players are not. Professional athletes are influential figures. They provide entertainment to the public and influence people of all ages to mirror them (i.e. get their haircut, wear their signature shoe or jersey, or act like them in real life.) Since athletes influence people so much, they should set good examples to them. In my opinion, all athletes should be educated because they will inspire children to stay in school. Moreover, being educated empowers a person to think beyond the obvious, and helps a person avoid being fooled or cheated.

Athletes should be educated because they will inspire children to stay in school. Athletes influence the lives of a lot of people. Looking at signature shoes, Forbes says referring to LeBron James, “The game’s most dominant player is also crushing the competition in stores, outselling his nearest rival’s signature sneakers 6-to-1.” They continue to say, “Nike generated $300 million in U.S. retail sales in 2012 for James’ signature shoes, according to research firm SportsOneSource.” That shows how much people are influenced by a certain athlete. All Nike had to do to get the people to buy the shoe is write his name on it. There is a huge number of kids that are inspired by their favorite athlete and want to be like them. In doing so, they do the exact same thing that the athlete did to become as successful as them. If athletes get an education, I think that the number of kids that drop out of school will decrease.

Furthermore, all athletes should be educated because education empowers a person to think beyond the obvious, to make the right choices in life. Athletes often face important issues and end up making the wrong decisions. One of soccer’s most elaborate events is in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final when Zinedine Zidane headbutts Marco Materazzi. It cost France the cup, because shortly after Zidane got a red card, they lost to Italy 5-3 on penalties. Moreover, it was the final game in Zidane’s legendary career. That was a bad decision. Although he doesn’t regret it, it was a very bad choice, costing his team the world cup. He had an issue with two ways to deal with it: get physical or ignore him. Being educated helps generate the right decision. Zidane was one of France’s most important players. They would have won the 2006 FIFA World Cup if not for a poor decision by Zidane.

Lastly, athletes should be educated because being educated helps a person, specially a professional athlete, avoid getting deceived or cheated. This is a very important to an professional athlete because professional athletes deal with ridiculous amounts of money, very powerful people and companies, and deceptive women. Mike Tyson, the legendary former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, was arrested for the rape of Desiree Washington and spent three years in prison. No one really knows if he raped her or not. She claimed he did, and he claimed that she chose to have sex with him. Tyson dropped out of high school when he was a junior and therefore he is not educated. It is a huge possibility that he got tricked and framed by Desiree. I believe that if he was educated he would have made a wiser choice and maybe avoided going prison and losing millions of dollars in endorsements.

In conclusion, lots of athletes are educated but in my opinion, all athletes should be educated because they will inspire children to stay in school, being educated empowers a person think beyond the obvious, and being educated helps a person avoid being fooled or cheated. For the most part, athletes are good role models, demonstrating the ability to inspire people, setting clear goals, and overcoming obstacles.(Price-Mitchell) The only thing that a lot of professional soccer, football, and basketball players are missing is a proper education.


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How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports for one very important key reason; its cheap to play soccer. In poor countries, people do anything that’s fun and cheap, and that is what made soccer famous. One may ask, what makes soccer so cheap to play? The answer is that all you really need is a ball. Most people who are trying to play soccer for fun just want to learn how to pass and kick a soccer ball.

If you’re just trying to have a little outdoor or indoor fun and not play seriously, all you’re going to need is a soccer ball. Any size or brand works, but I strongly recommend that you buy a size 5 ball, which is the official size. Any brand does the job, but always remember, for the most part, you get what you payed for. I have played with many different brands of soccer balls and I found that almost all of them work well. The only brands that didn’t work well were the brands that were ridiculously cheap, costing around $2 per ball. If you really want to make sure that you get the most out of your ball, you can’t go wrong with any Nike, Adidas, or Umbro ball. You can buy good balls for a reasonable price here.


In the video above, I show you how to kick a soccer ball. I do apologize for the quality of the video. I chose the simplest technique that I can come up with to show you how to kick a soccer from a distance. I focus more on the technique rather than the speed that the ball was traveling at.

First off, place the ball in the location from which you want to kick it. If you’re just learning and not playing a game, place the ball wherever you want. If you are playing a game, place the ball where the foul took place.

Secondly, step back from the ball. It doesn’t matter how many steps you take but make sure the you have enough space to build up speed and momentum to get a good kick out of the ball. In the video above, I take four steps back because that is my comfortable space.

Thirdly, you have to adjust your position run up to the ball. This is one of the most important steps of kicking a ball. To adjust you position is to make sure that you’re kicking the ball from a comfortable and accurate position. Like the second step, it doesn’t matter how many steps you take to adjust your position as long as you’re moving horizontally (relative to the ball). In the video above, I take two huge steps horizontally to adjust to the position of the ball. After adjusting to the position of the ball, it is very important to run up to the ball at medium pace, on your toes, and leaning forward to get the strongest shot.

Image from:  Be sure that the instep comes in contact with the ball.

Image from:
Be sure that the instep comes in contact with the ball.

Finally, after a strong run up to the ball, you kick the ball. Kicking the ball is the most important step. Aim for the middle of the lower half of the ball. Be sure that your instep (shown in the image on the right) comes in contact with the ball. You also want to make sure that your whole leg is swings when kicking the ball and that you’re not just swinging the lower part of your leg.

To finish off, this was a simple way to kick a soccer ball. If you’re a beginner, don’t expect it to work from the first try. You’ll need to practice it for a while to get the technique right. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to leave a comment below. Now go outside and have some fun.

Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Film Analysis

The 2013 and 1968 film versions of Romeo and Juliet are very different and similar in many ways. I’m just going to talk about three differences between the two movies.

First off, the costumes in both movies are very different. The costumes in the 1968 movie really stand out. They are weird and uncanny. They did not fit my portrayal of Shakespearian times because they were generally flashy, colorful, and standout. On the other hand, the costumes in the 2013 movie were very subtle and didn’t stand out as much. They weren’t as colorful as the 1968 movie costumes. They also fit my portrayal of Shakespearian times because they were just solid dark colors.

While Juliet didn’t wear any kind of mask in the 1968 movie, Juliet in the 2013 movie wore a mask and Romeo had to take it off before he kissed her. I don’t think it had any significance, but it might be to make the scene more romantic in the 2013 movie. It totally depended on how the director saw it.

Finally, unlike both the 1968 movie and the original text, Rosaline was seen at the party and both Romeo and Benvolio talked to her. It was surprising and I thought it was a good addition since I wondered who Rosaline was.

Overall, I though the 2013 movie was better and did a really good job showing us the play in a kind of fun and playful way.

Rough Notes:


  • old school market
  • weird and colorful costumes
  • swords
  • almost exact lines from the original text
  • weird dancing
  • singing after dancing
  • Paris sings
  • Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio go to the party with other people
  • Juliet is not wearing mask


  • Knights on horses in opening
  • old school market
  • Romeo sculpting
  • Capulet has an office and desk
  • costumes are subtle, old, and realistic
  • almost same lines from play
  • Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the party alone
  • The hall where the party is held is better looking
  • Juliet wearing a mask
  • better music and more modern dancing
  • No thumb biting
  • the prince calls the games for Capulets and Montagues to fight
  • Rosaline is seen at party

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Facts and Opinion

On May the 2nd, Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao in the biggest boxing fight in years.


image from:

People’s expectations were high… Really high. It was the first time that Mayweather and Pacquiao had ever fought, and people went crazy. Weigh in tickets and fight tickets sold out. There were a lot of celebrities including Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, Jamie Fox, Paris Hilton, Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson and a lot more. Tickets for ringside seats (front row seats) were around $50,000 a seat. The MGM Grand arena was, according to BBC, sold out in 30 seconds.

Jamie Fox sang the anthem and Kenny Bayless was the referee. Twitter blew us with the hashtag “#MayweatherPacquiao” and “#MayPac”. It was quoted by millions “The biggest fight of the century”.

But, was it really? I knew that Mayweather was going to win the moment I heard of the fight, but I did expect him to win by a knockout. At round 9, I tweeted that Mayweather will win by a unanimous decision. No doubt it was the biggest, but in my opinion, it certainly wasn’t the best. Mayweather’s performance was exactly as expected. Brilliant defending and slow punches, but Pacquiao’s performance, on the other hand, surprised me.

Pacquiao’s performance was noticeably different, in a bad way. He was slow. Very slow for what I have seen from him. I think, and maybe thats just me, that Pacquiao was paid to preform poorly. It was driving me crazy, so I decided to dig deeper into the story and apparently, according to ESPN, Pacquiao’s right shoulder was injured and he was refused the request to take an anti-inflammatory shot before fighting.

ESPN said, “LAS VEGAS — Manny Pacquiao said a right shoulder injury prevented him from fighting at his best in his loss to Floyd Mayweather.

Nevada officials also denied Pacquiao’s request to take an anti-inflammatory shot in his dressing room before the fight Saturday night. The chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission said the ruling was Pacquiao’s fault for not mentioning his injury sooner

‘It’s part of the game,’ Pacquiao said. ‘I don’t want to make alibis or complain or anything … [but] it’s hard to fight one-handed.'”

I bought it for a while, but then I thought, “What if it’s just a cover story for Pacquiao’s bribe?” If it’s true that Pacquiao’s shoulder hurt, I don’t blame him, but if he took a bribe, I’m truly disappointed.


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